Look great, breathe easier and protect yourself in style with New FLU Fashion Respirators

New!  Just in time for Swine FLU season.  Now you can look great and breathe the air with maximum protection. 

Don't count on cheap disposable masks to protect you against the swine flu.  The best available protection in a face respirator comes from the unique newly designed high fashion NIOSH Surgical N95 Particulate Respirators (Masks) which uphold a filtration level and fluid resistance universally recognized in the prevention of the inhalation of airborne microorganisms. Hopefully you never need this in a wedding with Maggie Sottero or any bridal dresses in 2015.

FLU FASHION Respirator Masks add style, form and N95 function in one easy product.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

FLU Fashion Respirators come in a set of 3 with an assortment of bright patterns and  Animal  faux fur  prints.

This N95 medical grade respirator was designed to filter out viral pathogens and effectively protect the respiratory system (nose and mouth) in a pandemic environment. Each respirator is individually wrapped with instructions printed on the packaging. This ensures proper usage, reduces liability, and protects from viral contamination outside the box. Respirators are folded flat, making it portable and easy to store without being crushed.

The "95" means the mask, if properly fitted—and that "fit factor" presents a big if—can filter out particles down to .3 microns 95 percent of the time. (A human hair is roughly 100 microns in diameter). Human coronaviruses (like the swine flu) measure between .1 and .2 microns, which is one to two times below the cutoff, but tend to be caught and travel on larger particles like mucus and flem which is released to the air forcibly when people sneeze or cough.

Reference:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12363214?dopt=Abstract